Hey there! My name is Anthony Soza and if I’m not filming a wedding then you can probably catch me hanging out with some wonderful people, climbing rocks, or doing something awesome at church! I film weddings because I love people and all the stories that come with them.
Fun fact: I really enjoy woodworking! Let me know if you are in the market for any decorative pieces for your wedding!



Hello! My name is Nick Worrell! I am a 22 year old guy living in Southern California. I purchased my first camera when I was 19, and I have absolutely fallen in love with capturing moments and documenting the lives of humans. I want to create content that is inspiring, and radical.
Fun fact: I am a low key vlogger on youtube.

About Us!

We have been pursuing the art of wedding videography for several years and absolutely LOVE to preserve memories for couples on the most epic day of their lives. Our style is true, honest, and cinematic. We want to capture your wedding in a very true and authentic way. We are both very easy to work with and desire to make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. All in all, we are eager to capture your wedding, so you should definitely choose to work with us!:) Lets grab coffee, dream big, and make your wedding film incredible. Send us an inquiry and lets get this show on the road!